Remy van Kesteren – memphis (Digital Single)

Remy van Kesteren – memphis (Digital Single)

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'memphis' is the second single for Remy van Kesteren's third EP of the four part series 'Places I May Have Visited, People I May Have Met’. 

Remy van Kesteren about ‘memphis’: "I once wrote the opening chords of memphis on the plane while flying over the American city, where I had a transfer. From above I mainly saw a lot of concrete and large highways. During the lockdown, I longed for the tours I had in the US, where most of the time was spent on the highways. I loved those days, driving between large trucks and pick-up trucks in the endless nothingness along large, interchangeable cities. I found that sketch from the plane and imagined driving past Memphis, wishing the track would feel like driving on such a road. From the start, you'll be racing across the tarmac at high speed as the city sweeps past you, propelled by the Analogue Robot Orchestra and a groove of harps and synths with a main role for the Buchla Easel. In the bridge track, the groove is released for a while and you find yourself in a kind of garden of harps all around you. Then you retreat back into the thundering groove, which comes to a euphoric conclusion when the piece finally reaches an E-major chord."

Released: March 11th, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)