Remy van Kesteren – danakil (Digital Single)

Remy van Kesteren – danakil (Digital Single)

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'danakil' is the third single for Remy van Kesteren's third EP of the four part series 'Places I May Have Visited, People I May Have Met’. 

Remy van Kesteren about ‘danakil’: "The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia (see artwork) is the most otherworldly place I have ever visited on this planet. It is the deepest point on earth and to visit it you drive over salt flats and spend the night under the stars in the desert. This surreal, heavy place, accompanied by guides armed with old AK-47s, was the inspirational source for my first techno track. Polyrhythmic harp loops set the scene and the Analogue Robot Orchestra's ominous sequencers and beats build the tension as the track starts to run. But the tension and alienation remains, brimming with bizarre harp sounds to discover. Mixing this song was an endless process due to all the complex sounds and the anomalous shape, but in the end the song grew into arguably the favorite song of the EP for the entire team involved in the mix."

Released: March 25th, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)