'Omdat Er Post Is' (17.5 year anniversary book)

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We celebrate our 17.5 year anniversary with the release of a book containing all reviews of releases on the label written (in Dutch) by Tim Donker, who has been reviewing Snowstar releases since 2012. It's called 'Omdat Er Post Is', which refers to the promo copies of Snowstar Records that always fall on his doormat.

Label manager Cedric Muyres about the book and anniversary: ​​“I wanted to reflect on 17.5 years of Snowstar Records without throwing a party, because that is not allowed. And suddenly I thought of all those years of Tim's reviews. To this day we have never met, but I always looked forward to his new thoughts. Actually, Tim's reviews of art in this form are an art form in itself. Hence this book with all his Snowstar reviews so far bundled together. You can read the stories just fine without knowing the music, but of course it's even better if you listen to the albums the reviews are -partly- about in the meantime. That way it’s a nice journey through 17.5 years of Snowstar Records.”

Tim Donker gave the book the title ‘Omdat Er Post Is’, which refers to the promo copies of Snowstar Records that always fall on his doormat. "Snowstar! Ah yes Snowstar. It has already taken 17.5 years with Snowstar. Sending great records into the world for seventeen and a half years (from Utrecht, my own Utrecht!). Records that are folk. Or unadulterated country. Or Americana. Or slowcore. But harp or piano records are also possible. Hell, they even once came up with something that, with half an eye, kind of beckoned to the new romantics movement. These records, however diverse, all have something that makes them "typically Snowstar". And almost all of them feel perfectly at home in my record collection. And now that same Snowstar, from my very own Utrecht, releases a book that features my own reviews. What an honour! But also: how crazy. How unreal. How sweet. How beautiful. Hip hip hooray for seventeen and a half years Snowstar!" Thus Tim Donker.