Kim Janssen - Dynasty (Digital Single)

Kim Janssen - Dynasty (Digital Single)

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Kim Janssen's new single, 'Dynasty', is more maximalist and vibrant than anything he has released before. You can hear the cities of his youth in the shimmering synths and the epic orchestration written by Sigur Ròs' Eiríkur Orri Ólaffson.

Kim threads memories of Loi Krathong festival nights, earthquake drills and a Royal Family massacre in a dream landscape of rivers swarming with lights, Blackwood trees and 'the Earthquake Man'.
The song is as grand and uplifting as it is melancholic. 'But mark the roads and silver trees, for they'll shift in the night while you sleep', Kim sings, before an angelic choir featuring Marla Hansen (Sufjan Stevens), continues: 'Old pines wander about in the night'.

Released: 20 Mar 2017

(Digital download is WAV format)