Jack Poels - Blauwe Vear (Digital Single)

Jack Poels - Blauwe Vear (Digital Single)

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Jack Poels (62, America, Noord-Limburg), is known as singer/guitarist of Rowwen Hèze (started in 1985). After 35 years of highlights (awards, international festivals, tours and an oeuvre full of hits of which no less than seven reached the Top2000 this year, coming from 23 albums that sold almost a million copies combined), Jack Poels released his very first solo album on March 27 on Snowstar Records.

'Blauwe Vear', the titletrack, has a key role in the album and is named after the blue feather of a blue jay that Jack found on the day his son left to South-Korea for studies. The feather triggered Jack to write this album with twelve Dutch ballads. Songs that surely make fans of the quieter work of Rowwen Hèze enthusiastic.

Release date: 20 March 2020

(Digital download is WAV format)