I am Oak - Osmosis

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I am Oak is known for their modest and calm songs with guitar at the core originally. But with their upcoming album 'Osmosis' they reinvented their sound, writing songs on the piano as a starting point. ‘Osmosis’ will be I am Oak’s sixth studio album, after their debut album ‘On Claws’ back in 2010 and previous latest album ‘Our Blood’ back in 2016.

'Osmosis' is I Am Oak’s most sonically diverse and vibrant record to date, and invites you to navigate its scope and soothing ambiguity at your own desired pace, comfort, and leisure.

1. The Shore
2. Between Worlds
3. Hidden Cove
4. Tundra
5. Swells
6. Kamikochi
7. Cold Heath
8. Stranger
9. Wild Ferns
10. Will I Wake
11. Wondrous Way


(19-125 / 19-126)
Release date: 06 Sep 2019

(Digital download is WAV format)