I am Oak - Nowhere or Tammensaari (Slightly Damaged vinyl, 50% off)

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We've got a few slightly damaged copies of I am Oak's 'Nowhere or Tammensaari', which we're selling for 50% off normal price. There's only damage to the record sleeve, not the record itself.

This is the first I am Oak album that Thijs Kuijken made together with his band, in contrast to previous albums where the Utrecht based songwriter worked solo. For the recordings I am Oak traveled to snowy Finland. A journey of two weeks brought them to a beautiful house in the south of Finland, where the band arranged and recorded twelve new songs.

Kuijken explains the albumtitle: ‘A place that is constantly changing and moving; that is ‘Nowhere’. This title refers to the place where the I am Oak songs originate. An alternative for this ‘Nowhere’ is ‘Tammensaari’, which can be translated as ‘Island of oaks’.

The special location and circumstances led to a more dynamic and darker album than before, without affecting the rich vocal harmonies and characteristic theme.

(12-031 / 12-032)
Released: 07 May 2012