Ella van der Woude - Solo Piano

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'Solo Piano' by Van der Woude was recorded in solitude in a tiny Amsterdam apartment, a room that’s has been her home for the majority of her creative life. This tiny room, along with the accompanying ambience of birds, TVs, rain and traffic, needed to be safely stored within Van der Woude’s memory to move onto the next chapter of her life. In the album’s minimalistic environment, the Swiss-Dutch musician and composer shows a full range of emotions in her playing: from majestic, grand moods to tranquil, ambient reflections. It was her intent to document the space itself as much as the melodies, highlighting not just the piano’s beautiful exterior, but its clandestine anatomic imperfections as well.

1. Bye Bye Little House
2. Prélude au Réveil d'une Ville
3. Fear of Sleep
4. Strange Dreams
5. Drops
6. Sol Mineur
7. Summer Boredom
8. Low
9. Recessional
10. Adieux


(20-139 / 20-140 / 20-141)
Release date: 14 February 2020

(Digital download is WAV format)