Donna Blue - Inbetween EP (Digital)

Donna Blue - Inbetween EP (Digital)

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The collection of songs on the ‘Inbetween’ EP takes you into Donna Blue’s own universe. 
“Five songs we love, each playing with different moods and concepts, but always reflective of where we are. Writing and recording everything ourselves was pretty rough at times and we must’ve changed the tracklist about a dozen times, but the end result is something we feel is truly, uniquely, us. We’ve pulled inspiration from classic artists like Roy Orbison and the Shadows, Julee Cruise and Nancy Sinatra, but also loved dabbling in a little French yé yé again.”

1. Desert Lake
2. Paradis
3. Inbetween
4. Billy
5. Fool


Released: 06 March 2020

(Digital download is WAV format)