De Toegift - Licht als stof (Digital Single)

De Toegift - Licht als stof (Digital Single)

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‘Licht als stof’ is guided by nostalgia and the deep desire to get lost in complete nothingness for a while. The Encore is your trusted companion during this bittersweet apocalypse. The piano dances freely around the acoustic guitar and the careful drums descend gently on the warm whole full of melancholy.

About the single says singer Maxim the following: "We are in the indeterminate space that falls between present and past. The text is a description of a very last, everyday day and sings about the paths that have remained untrodden until now. There is regret but also hope; from complete nothingness there is nothing to lose. This last day shines under the low summer sun.”

Released: November 25th, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)