De Toegift - En ik kon alles zien EP (Digital)

De Toegift - En ik kon alles zien EP (Digital)

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New band De Toegift combines the worlds of Dutch poetry and contemporary indie music into what they prefer to make the most: Dutch spoken indie with influences from jazz. Always looking for experiment, authenticity and the perfect song, the Zeeland band plays with themes about time and nostalgia.

With ‘En ik kon alles zien’ De Toegift release their first EP. This is the first chapter and an introduction of a larger story: our protagonist ends up in an imaginary cafe and sinks into his past. What follows is a musical journey through memories, delusions and fantasies. 

For example, 'Nollestrand' is an encapsulated and intimate childhood memory of a three-year-old who moved to Zeeland. ‘Zo waren de dagen’ is a daydream arising from a time of collective stagnation. And memories are questioned in ‘Ze zwaait’, which are then balanced by a hopeful aphorism.

1. De Toegift
2. Zo waren de dagen 
3. Nollestrand
4. Ze zwaait


Released: April 1st, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)