De Toegift - De woonwijk (Digital Single)

De Toegift - De woonwijk (Digital Single)

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'De woonwijk’ is the first single following the release of debut EP ‘En ik kon alles zien’, which was released last month. The single manifests itself as a cheerful note in the dreamy landscape of De Toegift. 

‘De woonwijk’ start as an expression of fear, with nostalgia as a subterfuge. At a time when pandemics, riots, and curfews reigned, guitarist Tom Gudde saw his panic for everything in life increase. He found a way out in this song about his own neighbourhood; a fairly typical, uncharacteristic, vinex-neighbourhood on the outskirts of Breda. The familiar decor in which he could play outside as a child and get lost in seemingly endless summer evenings. His neighbourhood was a world small enough to handle.

Released: May 20th, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)