I am Oak - On Claws (Reissue) (Vinyl, Slightly Damaged Sleeve, 50% off)

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We've got a few slightly damaged copies of I am Oak's 'On Claws', which we're selling for 50% off normal price. There's only damage to the record sleeve, not the record itself.

The successful debut album ‘On Claws’ by Utrecht based folk band I Am Oak has been reissued on beer-colored vinyl. The record, originally released in 2010, was very well received at that time and was cause for a lot of international attention. The album features online hit ‘On Trees And Birds And Fire’, which now has over 13 million Spotify plays. The reissue comes with a bonus song from the same era: ‘Gold and Porcelain’.

1. We Are Sound
2. On Trees And Birds And Fire
3. Wolves In The Yard
4. Don't I Know Enough
5. Hearth
6. Trumpets
7. On Talons
8. Lo and Behold
9. Under Sun
10. On Oxen
11. Storm
12. Murmur
13. On Crests
14. Clavicles
15. Oakestra
16. Gold and Porcelain