Cape Sleep - Video Days

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Video Days is brimming with nostalgia; an unabashed love letter to past pop culture with never-ending references to everything from old Westerns and 90’s Disney movies to REO Speedwagon songs and Lerner and Loewe musicals.

Under a shower of shimmering synths, muted disco guitars blend with warm pianos, stomping drums, and the occasional lost harpsichord and boys choir. The album breezes through a revolving door of vignettes with characters waxing existential and generally wallowing in melodrama as they spend summers alone in extravagant hotels, float across the Goldilocks Zone, rub shoulders with stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood, and sneak into natural history museum dioramas.

It contains slivers of 80’s synth-pop, 70’s soft rock while having an overall sensibility that is reminiscent of 50’s adult-contemporary pop: a wide-eyed look at love, friendship, and the world in general.

Video Days is Kim’s most focused and gripping work to date even as he keeps up his tradition of using a vast array of instruments and inviting a slew of guests. The album features contributions from members of Klangstof and Moss among others and orchestral arrangements by Paul Jacob Cartwright (Father John Misty) performed by members of Stargaze and The Metropole Orchestra.

As to taking on the moniker, Cape Sleep, it might just come down to Kim simply always having wanted to be in a band, and bands have band names. There’s also the songs, not always autobiographical and often full of magical realism with stories that conjure up fantastical scenes.

A name on the marquee that draws you into the world of the songs before you step inside the theatre, and one that alludes to a group, instead of just one person, seemed more fitting to him.

(Pre-orders will come with free stickers - keep in mind: will be out and shipped Feb 23)