Broeder Dieleman - Komma (Photo Book)

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We found a couple of limited 'Komma' photo books (CD size) by broeder Dieleman in our storage, and because the photo books including CD are all sold out we thought some of you might still want to buy one without the CD's. This way you can still see all the beautiful pictures taken by broeder Dieleman, while listening to his record on your preferred streaming service.

More info:
'Komma' tells the story about Het Krekengebied (creek area) of the ‘Land of Axel’. The Pictures are the result of roaming on the shores somewhere between Zaamslag and Spui for over two years.

The images form a tribute to the mysterious creeks of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, a country of water sides. ‘Komma’ has become a true work of art, taking you to the place where broeder Dieleman lives and writes his music in a beautiful fashion.