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“While the world came to a standstill, Beachdog sharpened its claws” DaMusic (BE) wrote about the very first 7” of Beachdog. Finally, there is a new loud rock band with songs that will appeal to large audiences. Audiences that still miss going wild in sweaty halls with friends, fists in the air. Because Beachdog, after selling out their first three shows, had to cancel their first clubtour like many others. Thus, all energy is now focused on the release of their debut album.

Beachdog delivers a self-titled rock record that goes from loud to very loud, and yet is also enjoyable because of its dynamic. From grooving interludes to even an organ solo by Robin Piso on 'Good Morning'. Fresh neo-grunge, punk and post-hardcore reminiscent of Foo fighters and Soundgarden on the one hand and bands like Turnstile and Touché Amoré on the other. A sound that fills a gap in the Dutch band scene that had to be filled for years.
1.  Swords Up In The Air
2.  Dog
3.  Milk
4.  Interlude A: Gazing
5.  The Patient
6.  Fight Evil, Read Books
7.  Beggar
8.  Interlude B: Brick
9.  Crawl In Pieces
10. Good Morning ft. Robin Piso

(22-191, 22-192, 22-193)
Release date: 29 April 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)