The Secret Love Parade - Mary Looking Ready (Vinyl)

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Produced by Jacco Gardner, second album ‘Mary Looking Ready’ has a deeper and bigger sound than its predecessor. Beautiful vocal harmonies, electronic samples, 80’s synths, vintage organs and original guitar riffs. Together this results in a dreamy electronic sound with elements of chillwave, folk and electro. This release is both in line with and an original variation on today’s international indie sound.

1. NYE
2. Second Thoughts
3. The Victorians Are Here
4. Leggy Blonde
5. Pieces
6. Plastic in Plastic
7. Our Lucky Girl 
8. After School
9. Sugar Party
10. Limbo
11. And Then It Backfired
12. Mary Looking READY


(12-026 / 12-027)
Released: 14 Feb 2012