The Fire Harvest - Open Water (Vinyl)

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You’d be forgiven to think that not having a story and not striving for success or money are goals in themselves. However, the four members of The Fire Harvest are just pure music lovers, survivors of a rich music scene that originated in the Dutch city of Utrecht in the nineties.

“We’ve had no musical education, but have been around for twenty years. We don’t want prefab but prefer craftsmanship – and we really enjoy making music just because it keeps on changing and with every step we want to improve ourselves.” thus Singer/Guitarist Gerben.
The basis for 'Open Water' are conversations on tour in Germany that he has made into lyrics. The songs sometimes hint at social criticism, but more often end up quite personal, like the family story of the resistance weapon that is lying in a cabinet somewhere. Details remain unknown and unspecified – much like the music itself tempts the imagination. The nature of the stories which lurk behind the eight songs and whose lives they reflect upon is entirely up to you to decide.

1. River Dam
2. Not Going To Work
3. Lines In The Sand
4. Good Intentions
5. Human
6. Pictures Of A Man
7. Spring
8. The Sun And The Sea


(19-113 / 19-114 / 19-115)
Release: 1st of March 2019