broeder Dieleman - Oh mijn ziel (Vinyl)

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'Oh mijn ziel' is an album of surrender and bewilderment. Above all, it became a record in which Tonnie Dieleman relinquished control more than ever, putting trust and affection in like-minded artists and historical figures.

One of these like-minded people is Baby Dee, the originally American artist who has been living in the Dutch province of Zeeland for a full decade now. Dee co-wrote the bulk of the songs on Oh mijn ziel, which translates to ‘Oh my soul’. "The album title comes straight from a Psalm, Psalm 42," says Dieleman. “It is also Dee's favorite psalm, something that connects us together very much. It's funny that you come from two completely different worlds, and that Psalm 42 is what binds us together.”

Baby Dee found her love of life in Dutch visual artist Christina de Vos, who made the artwork for ‘Oh mijn ziel’. Over a cup of coffee with several biscuits, Dee and Dieleman started looking for shared stories and experiences, experimenting with melodies and rhymes. Dee's years of experience as an organist in a church in the Bronx had a special overlap with Dieleman's childhood in the pews in Axel. This shared love for the landscape in Zeeland – and nature in general – turned out to be obvious starting points.


  1. Rook in mijn kleren 
  2. Onaf pad II 
  3. Kezand, sturmland! 
  4. Ochtendvier
  5. Voo lief 
  6. Teo, Leo 
  7. Zeumer 
  8. Dee’s march
  9. At de muziek langskomt
  10. Oh mijn ziel     




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