Lian Ray - Rose (Vinyl)

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Lian Ray is a French songwriter who recently exiled himself to Amsterdam after a decade spent battling his demons in Berlin. He excels in honest, nocturnal pop songs with an emphasis on dark romanticism.

'Rose' was recorded in 2013 but never released, because it was a time when French singer/songwriter Aurélien (Lian Ray) was going through a very rough patch. The result of this difficult period is a beautiful album, which we are proud to finally release now. A great album (for the listeners), a painful album (for him).

1. Rose (Preface)
2. Rose
3. Mateo
4. Demons
5. Dancing Like A Flame
6. Maps
7. A Game
8. Don't Cry Blue Eyes
9. Anything But You
10. Das Drama (Epilogue)


(19-130, 19-131, 19-132)
Release date: 13 March 2020