Jack Poels - II (Vinyl)

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In March 2020, Jack Poels released his first solo album ‘Blauwe Vear’ on Snowstar Records, which was very well received by the press. For example, pop magazine OOR called the album “wonderful”, and according to Heaven Magazine it was “forty minutes of pure listening pleasure”.
Jack Poels' fresh solo career has pleased him so much that, less than a year after 'Blauwe Vear', his second album with the simple but fitting title 'II' follows on February 26.

Because of all the COVID restrictions and canceled tours, Jack started writing music and painting more in 2020. “I wrote ‘Blauwe Vear’ before the virus came. I wrote this album during. Around ‘Blauwe Vear’ there was nothing wrong. Nobody knows what it will look like in the future. I think it’ll be better. Refined by everything we are experiencing now. From the first song on the album, ’Hartevrouw’, in which people dream aloud that they may never be able to go on vacation again and be at peace with that, until the last song ‘Kom megje zing’ about a journey that begins. Bundled into twelve songs on the new album; ‘II’. ‘II’, as in the second solo album, but also as a symbol of the state of pause we are in now. Until someone presses play again.” thus Jack Poels.

'II' is a beautiful and worthy successor to the first solo debut album 'Blauwe Vear'. Jack takes you into his world again, in a way only he can.
1. Hartevrouw
2. Apollo
3. Niks in de gate
4. Luchtpostpapeer
5. De nacht van 't greune graas
6. Beater wuurd 't noeit
7. Koningin
8. Straks
9. Ochtendzon
10. Au
11. En toen geej
12. Kom megje zingen

(21-176 / 21-177 / 21-178)
Release date: February 26, 2021