Ian fisher - Nero (Vinyl, Slightly Damaged Sleeve, 50% off)

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We've got a few slightly damaged copies of Ian Fisher's 'Nero', which we're selling for 50% off normal price. There's only damage to the record sleeve, not the record itself.

Nero is steeped in the homegrown country and folk roots of Ian’s songwriting and shaped by a tasteful, “no fancy stuff”, German production approach.

The tracks are largely lead by Fisher’s pristine voice with a consistent backdrop of close acoustic guitars and spacious piano and pedal steel guitar. Percussion is also quite present throughout the album, allowing the acoustic guitar to fall into the groove while the rhythmic burden is carried by someone else, á la Johnny Cash.

Nero’s palette is broad and the variety between tracks is very rich with uncluttered and poignant arrangements that always put the songs first. Songs of a young man who has traveled so long that he is a stranger in his hometown. What’s more heroically country than that?

1. Nero
2. Too Bad
3. Constant Vacation
4. Again & Again
5. Invisible Cities
6. All Ya Need
7. Almost Darlin
8. You're the One
9. Comin' Down
10. Just Like a Stranger



(15-065 / 15-066 / 16-065)
Released: 29 Jan 2016