I am Oak - Nowhere or Tammensaari (Vinyl)

I am Oak - Nowhere or Tammensaari (Vinyl)

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This is the first I am Oak album that Thijs Kuijken made together with his band, in contrast to previous albums where the Utrecht based songwriter worked solo. For the recordings I am Oak traveled to snowy Finland. A journey of two weeks brought them to a beautiful house in the south of Finland, where the band arranged and recorded twelve new songs.

Kuijken explains the albumtitle: ‘A place that is constantly changing and moving; that is ‘Nowhere’. This title refers to the place where the I am Oak songs originate. An alternative for this ‘Nowhere’ is ‘Tammensaari’, which can be translated as ‘Island of oaks’.

The special location and circumstances led to a more dynamic and darker album than before, without affecting the rich vocal harmonies and characteristic theme.

1. Famine
2. Grown
3. Boulders
4. Palpable
5. Roam
6. Drooom
7. Marrow
8. Cluster
9. I Am Forest
10. Reins
11. Varas Varas
12. Everything In Waves


(12-031 / 12-032)
Released: 07 May 2012