The Fire Harvest - Singing, Dancing, Drinking

The Fire Harvest - Singing, Dancing, Drinking

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'Singing, Dancing, Drinking' is the first The Fire Harvest album.

1. Working Man
2. The Patient
3. Singers
4. Sorry For The Mess
5. Runner
6. Simple Solutions
7. Flowers
8. Empire Watertree

Over ten years ago Gerben Houwer, at the time drummer/vocalist for the post-rock outfit We vs. Death, wrote his first songs as The Fire Harvest. After releasing the first EP in 2012, two European tours, and a Record Store Day-split 7" with the Belgian band Reiziger, the formation from Utrecht will release their debut album this spring.

For recording 'Singing, Dancing, Drinking' Daniel Romano and Kenneth Meehan joined the band in the studio. Guitarist Nicolai Adolfs met the duo at a show in Duisburg, where Romano turned out to be interested in producing the album. A few weeks later, eight tracks were recorded.

The sound of the band reminds the listener to the glory days of (alt)country, slowcore and (post)punk; a time in which band members were formed musically. The eight songs on the album are featured by a modest but dynamical character. Two of the Dutch leading labels, Snowstar and Subroutine Records, will team up for the first time for the physical release of the album.

"The Fire Harvest follows a route in which we encounter each other. It was obvious to ask Snowstar on boards with us", Koen ter Heegde (Subroutine) tells us. "Our goal is after all to reach new heights with the band." Both of the labels are known for a recognisable sound en serve a very distinct, own audience. Cedric Muyres (Snowstar): "Sometimes, you listen to a record and you know that both our pursuers will appreciate it to the fullest. This is such a record." 'Singing, Dancing, Drinking will be released May, 6 on Vinyl/CD in the Benelux.

The Fire Harvest's adventure will not stop in the Benelux, the album will also be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland through the renowned label Sinnbus Records from Berlin.

(16-076 / 16-077 / 16-078)
Released: 06 May 2016