Remy van Kesteren – nowhere (Digital Single)

Remy van Kesteren – nowhere (Digital Single)

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'nowhere' is the first single for Remy van Kesteren's third EP of the four part series 'Places I May Have Visited, People I May Have Met’. 

Remy van Kesteren about ‘nowhere’: “The music is a real journey - which, contrary to what the title suggests, does indeed go somewhere. You are sucked into a movie using the harp and a sequencer, which guides you through the entire track. The beginning is inspired by Nils Frahm. Then the mechanical motors of the Analogue Robot Orchestra sound, which with more and more sounds of relays, VU meters, toms and kicks built from filled water bottles propel the composition to a climax.”

Released: February 25th, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)