Kim Janssen - Gouldians (Digital Single)

Kim Janssen - Gouldians (Digital Single)

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Kim Janssen's new single, 'Gouldians', feels explosive and subdued at the same time. With the drums and bass up close and a jangling rhythm guitar as its backbone, it rolls like a fast train.

Kim sounds slightly aloof while wearing his heart on his sleeve, singing about confiding in a pet Jack Dempsey when 'the ice has grown thin' around him and seeking company at strangers' funerals. The Black Nazarene makes an appearance as does snowfall in the Middle East, and throughout, brightly colored Gouldian Finches crop up, rolling and diving like swarms of sparrows.

Expertly mixed by Chris Coady (Beach House, Future Islands) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Blood On The Tracks, Graceland) the tension is present right from the beginning of the track and builds and erupts only at the very end, in a swirl of shimmering synthesizers and ethereal vocals.

Released: 27 Jan 2017

(Digital download is WAV format)