Kim Janssen - Bottle Rockets (Digital Single)

Kim Janssen - Bottle Rockets (Digital Single)

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Kim Janssen's first new single, 'Bottle Rockets', is as hushed as the Faroe Island scenery in its video is wild and majestic. A sparse piano filters through a shiny haze of synthesizers and Kim's baritone can be heard up close, quiet and clear, singing about dragon eggs, rockets and Hummingbird cake. Near the end he is joined by a small host of angelic voices, one of them belonging to Marla Hansen, who has made memorable appearances on Kim's earlier work aswell as on records by Sufjan Stevens and The National. It is a simple song, one that conjures nostalgic scenes of lights and voices in the backyard, superstitious nights of hide and seek with the neighbor kids, sparklers and birthday cake.
While the fires transform into showers of light and the candles are blown out, at the same time, we are somewhere else, floating over empty stretches of road and wild coastlines and watching the shapes of the land and the sea blur and overflow.

‘Bottle Rockets’ is the first song by Kim Janssen since his last album ‘Ancient Crime’ and related EP ‘The Lonely Mountains’ released in 2012 and 2013.

Released: 09 Dec 2016

(Digital download is WAV format)