Ian Fisher - Koffer

Ian Fisher - Koffer

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Ian Fisher is always writing and always traveling. With over a thousand songs under his belt and hundreds of concerts behind him, his new album Koffer highlights the diversity of his songwriting and captures some of the electric energy of his live performance. Koffer, which is the German (and Dutch) word for “suitcase”, is Fisher’s most uptempo record yet with a one-of-a-kind mixture of Viennese flirtatiousness, Berliner grit, and Midwestern Country longing that only a farm-raised American boy living in Europe for the last decade can pull off.

‘Koffer’ is a collection of singles written over the last ten years and recorded over the last five. As Ian says, “A song that I can’t share feels like dead weight. Like a bag you carry around but never unpack.” Koffer will finally be “unpacked” on November 18th.

1. If You Wanna Stay
2. Candles for Elvis
3. Koffer
4. Thinkin' About It
5. The Way to Go
6. Seriously Who
7. Settlin' In
8. Whole Lotta Room
9. Hail Mary
10. Koffer - Acoustic Demo
11. Nothing


Released: 18 Nov 2016

(Digital download is WAV format)