I am Oak - Odd Seeds

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Over the years I Am Oak’s discography, starting with debut album ‘On Claws’ back in 2010, has grown into a collection of six studio albums, a live album, two EP’s and a couple of stand-alone singles in between.
After the release of full length ‘Osmosis’ in the fall of last year, 2020 should have been a year of European tours and trips to other continents, but then a certain pandemic made sure all the original plans for 2020 were off the table.

Thijs Kuijken had to spend his days, just like everybody else, confined at home. This didn’t make him any less productive: “During the March 2020 quarantine period, I recorded a video of me playing one of my songs live to share on the internet in lieu of actual live shows. This quickly turned into a daily exercise which lasted 50 days, resulting in 50 recorded songs” thus Kuijken himself. What made these 50 songs extra special is that most of them were unique and new versions of existing songs. There were even some songs he had never played live before.

'Odd Seeds' is a selection of 26 of these 50 songs, all of which are reinterpretations of songs from the I Am Oak back catalogue, ranging from before the debut album until most recent album 'Osmosis'. All of them fresh and all of them special in their own way. There’s even a new song called ‘That’s That’.

Odd Seeds (Pt 1)
1. Gliss
2. Curt
3. Field Studies
4. Omen
5. Furrows
6. Slooow
7. Hidden Cove
8. Horizon
9. Between Worlds
10. Swells
11. Island
12. On Oxen
13. Famine
14. Gold and Porcelain

Odd Seeds (Pt 2)
1. Wondrous Way
2. Golden Pavilion
3. Giant
4. Volcano
5. Cauliflower
6. Will I Wake
7. Palpable
8. Woandering
9. Gills
10. On Trees and Birds and Fire
11. Clavicles
12. That's that
(20-172, 20-173)
Release date: 18 December 2020

Release date 22 September 2023