I  am Oak - Golden Pavilion (Digital Single)

I am Oak - Golden Pavilion (Digital Single)

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Before heading out on tour in Japan together with Kim Janssen, I am Oak releases new single ‘Golden Pavilion’ which is now available everywhere. After releasing their last studio album ‘Our Blood’ on Japanese label Sign-Pole Records, I am Oak will now go to Tokyo to play four shows. ‘Golden Pavilion’ is based upon Kinkaku-ji, a Temple in Kyoto. Thijs Kuijken (I am Oak) made the video accompanying the single himself.

In light of the four upcoming shows in Japan, I am Oak decided to write a new song for the occasion. Thijs Kuijken: “I grabbed my Casio SK-1 keyboard, which is a Japanese invention, fired up its built-in ‘Rock’ rhythm and went to work on a song inspired by Japan. This song became “Golden Pavilion”.

Released: 21 Sep 2018

(Digital download is WAV format)