I am Oak - Field Studies (Digital Single)

I am Oak - Field Studies (Digital Single)

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Last summer Joost Stokhof, also known as ‘The Things We Are’, stayed at the beautiful Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam for a full week. Next to a book with drawings this also resulted in a 7” vinyl, together called ‘I See Plants Shaking Hands’. For this 7” Stokhof invited multiple musicians to record a song. Artists like Eefje de Visser and Nuno Dos Santos visited the gardens and Snowstar’s Thijs Kuijken, also known as I Am Oak, was invited as well.

Thijs Kuijken joined Joost Stokhof for a full day, in which he wrote a new song and recorded it the same evening after the botanical gardens closed. The result is the beautiful ‘Field Studies’, about which Thijs says the following:
“Writing a song based on one day and one location was a peculiar challenge. Completely void of any expectations or set methods we did manage to reach a point in the evening where we were both busy working on processing our impressions of the day – Joost drawing away behind his desk and me in recording-mode on the other desk. I tried to make scraps of observations, conversations with Joost and discoveries we’d made together wandering through the gardens and green houses that day into a song.”

Released: 24 Nov 2017

(Digital download is WAV format)