De Toegift - De Toegift

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RELEASE DATE: 27th of January 2023

De Toegift combines the worlds of native poetry and contemporary indie music into what they prefer to make themselves: Dutch indie with influences from jazz. Always looking for experiment, authenticity and the perfect song, the quartet plays with themes about time and nostalgia.

About the concept of the album says singer Maxim the following: “It opens like a real radio play in which the listener ends up in an imaginary café and comes face to face with De Toegift; the fictional, self-proclaimed band that somewhere ushers in the night with their nostalgic songs full of narrative poetry. What follows is a musical journey through memories, delusions and fantasies.
Intimate and personal texts, also played with the idea of memories that can be molded again and again. Themes such as loss and mourning are hidden safely under the peaceful-looking surface in several songs. The album is therefore also an ode to those who were not present; the loved ones who live on in renewed form.”

On the self-titled debut album, De Toegift continuously explores new musical territory and the previously digitally released EPs come together with new music on the long-awaited first full-length record.

1. De Toegift
2. Zo waren de dagen
3. Nollestrand
4. De woonwijk
5. Licht als stof
6. Alles is gemaakt
7. Meer dan ooit
8. Ze zwaait
9. Soms
10. De Toegift (reprise)


(23-218, 23-219, 23-220)
Release date: 27 January 2023

(Digital download is WAV format)