broeder Dieleman - Gloria

broeder Dieleman - Gloria

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Broeder Dieleman makes a self-willed kind of gospel in Zealandic dialect. In 2012 he released his debut-album 'Alles Is IJdelheid', which introduced him as a remarkable musician beyond the borders of his home province Zealand. His new album, 'Gloria', has been recorded in his living room while the kids were in school and tells the story of a quest for clarity in a confusing life. A story, which just like his debut is told in a Zealandic dialect. His lyrics sometimes have an alienating effect due tot their specific sound, but they come incredibly close to the feelings broeder Dieleman tries to capture.
The songs on 'Gloria' are on the one hand about little things in life, such as birdsong -jackdaws and cormorants play an important role - or unpaved roads. On the other hand the album deals with weighty themes such as religion and love. 'Gloria' is at times dark and heavy, but also very satisfied and always hopeful. This contrast makes the album to a diverse and even exciting whole.

In addition to the Zealandic dialect, the Zealandic landscape is a decisive factor in the music of broeder Dieleman: the alter ego of Tonnie, a tall figure with open arms from the city of Middelburg. He speaks about his wanderings through his area of residence: “From my house you can easily walk out of the city. Over the road, or following small unpaved roads. Church roads, people used to call them. Unofficial roads, formed because people want to go somewhere and that is the shortest route. Nowadays, if you walk those church roads, they give you the feeling that it doesn’t matter when you get somewhere.” Just like a walk on such a church road, ‘Gloria’ never radiates urgency. Both the lyrics and the music have space and room to breathe. It takes as long as it has to, but in the end every song will reach its intended destination.

‘Gloria’ has been recorded in broeder Dieleman’s home in cooperation with producer Pim van de Werken and contains contributions by Adam Casey (The Boy Who Spoke Clouds), Janine van Osta (o.a. Wolf In Loveland) and Ersha Sollgar. The banjo and guitar are still present, but a large role is fulfilled by the piano.

1. Gloria
2. Aalscholvers
3. Kauwtje
4. Voor Janna En Lieve
5. Zusterstraat
6. Leger van de Heer
7. Adriana
8. Genade genoeg
9. In Excelsis Deo


(14-056 / 14-057)
Released: 05 Sep 2014

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