Bonnie "Prince" Billy & broeder Dieleman - Love is the first law / There are worms in your circle 7"

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Back in 2015 broeder Dieleman and Bonnie “Prince” Billy toured the Netherlands together, and their collaboration formed a 7 inch single on which they covered each other’s work, both in their own language. Six years later there's a sequel to this first single will be released on Snowstar Records. It’s called ‘Love is the first law / There are worms in your circle’.

During the lockdown Bonnie “Prince” Billy and broeder Dieleman sent each other a title for a song that they then started working on. Bonnie “Prince” Billy wrote ‘Love is the first law’ (based on a text by Jan Huissoon, a 19th century folk artist you may already know from broeder Dieleman’s work) and broeder Dieleman wrote ‘There are worms in your circle, there are wolves’.

The 7 inch single was recorded in Louisville, Los Angeles, Chicago, Utrecht and Melbourne and features a variety of international musicians. From Jim White (Dirty Three) to Peter Slager (Bløf).
‘Love is the first law’ is arranged by Emmett Kelley, a longtime collaborator of Bonnie. The song starts off hesitantly but soon exposes the turmoil that has gripped us in these times.
Broeder Dieleman knows the oeuvre of Bonnie “Prince” Billy all too well, and the words of ‘There are wolves’ are perfectly written for Oldham. Broeder Dieleman’s banjo almost seems to get out of control, but eventually everything comes together, which shows what a fantastic singer Oldham is.

Broeder Dieleman, who acquired the skill of making paper cut-art during the lockdowns, made the cover on which we can see Jan de Prentenknipper, a peddler, a hawker, on the road to sell his merchandise as musicians cannot at the moment.

1. Love is the first law
2. There are worms in your circle, there are wolves


(21-182 / 21-183)
Release date: May 21, 2021

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