Ella van der Woude - Sol Mineur (Digital Single)

Ella van der Woude - Sol Mineur (Digital Single)

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After releasing previous single ‘Bye Bye Little House’ and announcing her album ‘Solo Piano’ almost one month ago, Swiss-Dutch musician, songwriter and composer Ella van der Woude now releases new single ‘Sol Mineur’. It’s the final teaser for the album, which is released on the 14th of February, and it comes with a beautiful cinematic video shot in the snowy mountains of Switzerland.

New single ‘Sol Mineur’ was, like the other songs on the record, written with a conscious effort not to judge anything that came out of Van Der Woude’s fingers, welcoming and working out every idea. “’Sol Mineur’ is guided by sonorities that felt most natural for my instrument and meanders like a flow of thoughts. It grows like a snowball being rolled, slows down again, gets stuck in a loop, and never seems to stop.” Thus Van der Woude.

Released: 31-01-2020

(Digital download is WAV format)