De Toegift - Nooit, misschien EP (Digital)

De Toegift - Nooit, misschien EP (Digital)

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De Toegift releases their second EP ’Nooit, misschien’. The EP contains the previous released singles ‘De woonwijk’ and ‘Soms’, and new song ‘Meer dan ooit’. 

‘Nooit, misschien’; the new EP of De Toegift philosophizes about the different ways in which time moves. Apparent contradictions connect three songs about finding hope, losing hope and questioning the final. Armed with heartfelt and optimistic poetry, attempts are made in vain to find words for the untraceable. De Toegift explores new musical terrain: in 'Meer dan ooit' and 'De woonwijk' the melancholy is enriched with a summery sound and there is more room for rhythm. Despite its small and intimate form, 'Soms' manages to lead the listener to a nerve-wracking climax and serves as the provisional conclusion of this second chapter. With ‘Nooit, misschien’' the band builds on the theme of the first EP, also exploring new territory musically.

1. De woonwijk
2. Meer dan ooit
3. Soms


Released: September 2nd, 2022

(Digital download is WAV format)