Herrek - Waktu Dulu (CD)

Herrek - Waktu Dulu (CD)

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With pride Snowstar Records presents 'Waktu Dulu', Herrek's debutalbum. This new band is based around guitarist and singer Gerrit van der Scheer. Gerrit gained fame with his former bands Bonne Aparte and Adept, but chooses for a more personal approach with Herrek.

Gerrit grew up in a missionary family in Kaisah, a small village with 300 inhabitants on Papua, Indonesia, which you could only get to via the river Digul.

Today he lives in Rotterdam and makes music as Herrek; the way the Papuans pronounce Gerrit.

Partly inspired by the contemporary Brooklyn-scene, but most of all doing their own thing, Herrek delivered a debutalbum full of atmospheric, dark folk with haunting vocals and keys.

The vinyl release is a limited, handmade, screenprinted and numbered edition of 300.

1. Rain
2. Drown
3. The Dark
4. Tiger Eyes
5. My People
6. Team
7. White


(13-037 / 13-038)
Released: 15 Feb 2013