Bart van der Lee - Between Tall Pine Trees (Sadness & Thunder) (CD)

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Bart van der Lee is a singer-songwriter from Utrecht, who grew up in the Phillipines, Thailand and Kenya. It was in Kenya where his interest in music came to life by playing on his mother’s guitar. With his onpolished sound and melancholic tragedy he drags you into the depths of his emotions and shares from his life’s experiences.

1. Lift This Weight
2. Please Come Back
3. Runaway
4. Hardships
5. Flowerbed
6. The Way Things Have Been
7. You Pick Me Up 
8. Like Father Like Son
9. My Darling One
10. She Has Been Hunting
11. Will You Think Of Me
12. Since You've Been Gone


(10-020 )
Released: 17 Sep 2010